Library Card Application

Any person who is a permanent resident of the state of Ohio is eligible for a Milton-Union Public Library card free of charge regardless of age, sex, race, religion, national origin, or any other factor.  To acquire a patron card, adult applicants (anyone 18 years of age or older) need to complete an application and present a picture ID with their current address.  If the address on their ID is not current, bills, checks, or official documents with their current address and name may be used in addition to their picture ID.  Applicants under the age of 18 need an application signed by a parent or legal guardian who is a library card holder and thus has submitted documentation of identity and residence already.  All patron cards must be signed in the presence of a staff member at the time the card is issued.  On the day the card is issued, the new patron may check out three library items.  After the initial use of the card, the library no longer limits patron circulation.

At the time the applicant presents a completed application form to a staff member at the circulation desk, the staff member will search the database to ensure the patron is not already in the computer file.  Any applicant with an account in serious arrears with another SEO library may be denied a card.

A fee to replace cards will be necessary except when the patron has changed his/her name or a child reaches 18 years of age when his/her juvenile card may be replaced by an adult card.